Thursday, June 29, 2017

updates on the nominations for the ITOC council positions and the outstanding service award

A quick update for you all on the new council nominations, outstanding service award, and the ITOC MS meeting time at the LEAD conference. 

First, the council nominations.  We have only received one council nomination.  Please consider getting involved with RID and ITOC. Reach out to colleagues who are passionate about seeing change in this field.  We need to have representation in RID.  We are leaving the call for nominations (self-nominations are welcome!) open until 7/23.  Part of our agenda at the conference meeting will be to determine the new ITOC council.  Fill out the Google form or reply to me ( 

Second, we have received two nominations for the ITOC outstanding service award.  One of the nominations is Dr. Leandra Williams, who was the recipient of this award in 2015.  As much as she does deserve to win this award over and over, we'd love to see others also be recognized for their work in the community as well.  I know there are many of you who have worked tirelessly to improve our field.  We are also accepting posthumous nominations. Continue to send names of people you'd like to see recognize to the google form or reply to me ( 

Our ITOC member section meeting at the conference will be held Sunday, July 23, 5:30-7 at Salon 1.  We will try to Facebook live the meeting for those who would like to join remotely.  

Thanks for reading. Nominate people for all the things! and see you at the conference. There is still space for those who are on the fence about going. 

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