2015-17 ITOC Council

2015-2017 ITOC Council Goals

The ITOC Council has identified the following goals which will be carried out during their 2015-2017 term.
  • Revitalize the presence of ITOC through active engagement in the following areas:
    • ITOC website presence
    • ITOC Facebook page
    • ITOC Google Group (transition from Yahoo Groups)
    • Monthly vlogs from the ITOC council
    • Article submission(s) for the RID VIEWS
  • Create a sense of solidarity and belongingness for interpreters from traditionally marginalized ethnic backgrounds by actively holding brave spaces for networking and professional discussion.
  • Foster and recognize the talents within the ITOC community by seeking and prioritizing interpreters and transliterators of color as presenters during ITOC forums at regional and national conferences.
  • Disseminate a member survey to have the ITOC membership provide feedback on the direction of ITOC for upcoming years.
  • Find more ways to fundraise to be able to provide scholarships for interpreters/transliterators of color to attend conferences.  

2015-2017 ITOC Council Members

Stephanie Chao, ITOC Chair

Michon Shaw, ITOC Vice Chair

Kristeena Thaten, ITOC Secretary/Treasurer
(Picture coming soon)

Vacant, ITOC Region 1 Representative

Hijrah Hamid, ITOC Region 2 Representative

Vacant, ITOC Region 3 Representative

Vacant, ITOC Region 4 Representative

Bob LoParo, ITOC Region 5 Representative