Saturday, January 16, 2016

ITOC goals and more!


Hello! I am michon shaw from Tampa Florida where I was born and raised. I am Vice Chair for ITOC from 2015-2017.

Here is a brief review of ITOC's goals for the 2015-17 term. 
We would like to see a change in activity level from ITOC.  We want to see more activity via our websiteFB page, and google group.  A little while ago, we had switched from our old yahoo group to the new google group.  
[If you are interested in joining our google group, please email one of us.  You can find our emails under the "2015-2017 ITOC Counsil" tab.]

We want to put out monthly vlogs from the ITOC counsil as well as wanting to submit more articles to the RID views
Our second goal is to have more gatherings for interpreters with different ethnic backgrounds to come together to network with one another and to continue to grow a strong relationship. We want to recognize and honor those in our community with skills and knowledge to offer.  We would like to see more presenters of color during the MS meeting times during the national and regional conferences.  
We also want to send out a member survey to see what would you like to ITOC accomplish over the next 2 years.  We also would like to do more fundraising to help sponsor interpreters and transliterators of color to be able to attend conferences. 
Those are our goals for 2015-2017

One more announcement. 
On january 23, we are hosting an ITOC happy hour in San Francisco [California]. If you are available [and in the area], please join us!  We want to see more ITOC events being hosted all over the nation. If you have any ideas or are interested in hosting an ITOC event, please contact us through FB or email us.  

Thank you so much for watching and take care.