Monday, November 2, 2015

Oct Vlog

Long awaited blog from ITOC!

[video description: Stephanie Chao, Taiwanese American women, black framed glasses and hair pulled back.  She is wearing a black cardigan and clasping her hands in front of her.  Background is the white and blue wall.]

Hi Everyone, 

I know it has been a while since ITOC has posted.  We apologize and thanks for your patience.  ITOC hasn't posted in a while. We recently turned over to the new ITOC counsel and it took us some time to get settled into our new roles.  Over the next few months, each counsel member will be introducing themselves to you.  

So, let me introduce myself.  My name is Stephanie Chao.  I am the new ITOC Chair. 

This past summer during the RID conference, we had an ITOC MS forum.  We had such a great turn out of around 50 people.   That was amazing.  We also handed out the first ever ITOC Outstanding Service Award to Leandra Willams.  Congrats! We will be doing this again in 2017, so we will be asking for nominations and your votes at that time.    

During the forum, we also asked people to come up and share what they would like to see ITOC to do. Some ideas included: wanting to see more POC posting vlogs on the RID website and on social media in general.  wanting ITOC to provide scholarships to interpreters of color to attend conferences and workshops. However, to make that happen, we need your fundraising ideas!  We would also like to set up quarterly public forums to gather your feedback and ideas.  The first forum will be set up on our facebook page.  If there seems to be a lot of interest, we can set up a video call for future forums.  
This next month, we will be setting our goals for the 2015-2017 term of ITOC.  We want your input in what you would like to see ITOC to do.  

We are still in the need to fill a few regional representative positions (regions 1, 3, 4). if you are interested, please contact us.  

Lastly, join our FB group and like our FB page!  Feel free to give us your feedback and ideas via email or facebook.  We are always open to hearing/seeing from you.  

 Looking forward to working with you!